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El Chapo OG - Garbage

1.0 rating
October 18, 2019

BCWeedNow is great to deal with. Easy and convenient. I’m waiting now for my fifth order. It was nice to see more inventory this time round. I ordered Bruce Banner this time based on it’s high THC. However my last order for El Chapo OG was terrible. No high at all. Do not recommend this product. Finally can you please fix your website. Having two thirds of the webpage be fixed length leaves very very little space to scroll.

Richard Douglas

Response from BCWEEDNOW.ca

Hey there R!
Thanks so much for the feedback all around! We’re sorry that you were disappointed with the El Chapo and wish you would have reached out to us when you received it! We’re always happy to see what we can do to turn that sort of situation around for folks like you! 🙂
You’ve made an awesome selection with the Bruce Banner, and can’t go wrong there!
We also appreciate the feedback on the website itself, and this has been forwarded to our tech department for their review as well!
Thanks again R!

Royal Canadian Blonde Hash

2.0 rating
July 20, 2019

1st I’d like to say that BCWN has been a pleasure to deal with. They do exactly what they say they will…. on time and professionally. I had a minor issue with an order previously and they came through really well to make it right. I must say though after being really pleased with the quality of previous hash…. blondes and Red Bull Red, I was disappointed with the RCBH. It is a loose crumble, smells decent but not much taste or kick. I can see why it is less per gram and would not buy it again. I am hoping you guys get stock of some of the other favourites as they were great.


Response from BCWEEDNOW.ca

Hey there G!
Firstly, thank you very much for the kind words in regards to our service. We work extremely hard to ensure that we take care of every client to best of our abilities and often times above and beyond expectations! We’re happy that you’ve been able to have your issue resolved in a really positive manner and are committed to offering this level of care and attention to each and every client!
In regards to the hash, as you surmised the potency on this particular one may not be up to par for seasoned and experienced folks like yourself, but those who are new to the world of concentrates may still find this one to do the trick just right, without pushing them over the edge into couch lock so to speak! Those on a budget will also find it to be a great choice when trying to balance price and quantity while making their orders!
Thanks again for the kind words about our service, as well as the feedback on this product G! We’re always looking to improve and its communication like yours that really helps us to hear what our clients are thinking, and adjust things as we go!
Have a great weekend!

Abysmal quality

1.0 rating
July 18, 2019

Honestly it was one of the weakest products I’ve ever tried. Wouldn’t even recommend it to my enemy.


Response from BCWEEDNOW.ca

Hey there J!
We’re really sorry that you were unhappy with the Gummies you received! Edibles effect everyone differently and we’re sure that you can find something in our menu that will work better for you next time! We suggest our Fire Chews or even the Fire Bars, you really cant go wrong with either one! 🙂
Thanks again for the feedback J, both here and to our Customer Care Center!


4.0 rating
July 14, 2019

Been buying from here since the walk in Dispensaries were closed. Love the next day delivery! Discreet and quick! Only down side is they only carry the lower grade Shatters. Hopefully they keep bringing in new products all the time. I have never had an issue getting in touch with customer service if needed either. Keep up the good work.


Response from BCWEEDNOW.ca

Hey there J!
Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! We’re always trying out new companies and products, Im sure we will come up with something a little more your style in the near future if we havent scratched that itch for you yet! 🙂

Amazing team and green

5.0 rating
July 10, 2019

I’ve used multiple different Mail Order M services and honestly have been disappointed with most offers from other vendors and their difficulty with consistency of their buds.
BCWNOW is amazing all around, the bud is consistent and well packaged, everything ships quickly and arrives express without any B.S fees. Have been using for a long time and have been recommending all my friends to shop here. Keep it up, highly recommended!


Response from BCWEEDNOW.ca

Hey there M!
Thanks so much for the great feedback! We always appreciate hearing from our friends! Thanks for spreading the good word as well!

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