Have Questions About COVID-19

and how it may affect us or your order? This is the place to find the answers to some commonly asked questions!
We are doing our best to maintain our normal shipping speed, however as order volumes increase some delays are possible on our end, as well as with Canada Post. Please have patience with our team while we work to ensure that all orders are filled in a timely manner! If your order is delayed for any reason we will ensure that this is taken care of as quickly as humanly possible and compensate when required!
No we are not.
So long as persons are free to travel, we will remain open to serve you!
We will update our website to reflect this, and our Customer Care Center is always taking emails and can respond even in the event of a shut down.
Canada Post is considered an “essential service” and will not shut down during this situation, however they may change their policies/practices to better protext their employees. One such measure they’ve announced is the change to their guaranteed delivery times.
Canada Post has stated that all parcels that contain Cannabis from provincial retailers, which require an ID check at the door, will be dropped off at the local Post Office for pick up. We do not require an ID check and so this will not occur with our parcels.
At the moment we are not using Signature Required on any parcels, due to Canada Post having stated that they will not be collecting the signature upon delivery. Parcels would simply be dropped at the door in these cases, and so this is not a feature that we are offering at the moment. This will change/return to normal when Canada Post starts collecting these signatures at the door again.
Canada Post has announced that they can no longer guarantee delivery times at this point, however we have not seen delays longer than 1-2 business days so far.
Our Customer Care Center is always there to help you navigate the process of tracking your parcel should you believe it to be lost/not delivered. Please email with your inquiries, and please include your order number to facilitate faster and better responses.
We are seeing a large increase in orders and due to this, our tracking information is going out a little bit later than is normal. If you have not received your tracking information by 6pm on the day of shipping, please contact our Customer Care Center, where we would be happy to assist you in getting that number!


Canada Post is no longer guaranteeing delivery times and have stated that as a result, some tracking information can be delayed while the parcel makes its way through the system. For more information or help with tracking your order should you feel the delay is longer than what should be normal, you can contact our Customer Care Center for more information. Please be sure to include your order number to ensure a faster and more informative response from our team!
This is not something that we offer currently. We ship exclusively with Canada Post.
We are seeing a large increase in sales due to COVID, and as a result we have more payments to process. Our queue runs longer than it normally does, and this is nothing to be concerned about. Should you feel that anything is wrong with your payment or order, we strongly encourage you to contact our Customer Care Center who can check in on the situation for you. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL YOUR PAYMENT.
While COVID has been shown to stay on surfaces for hours after contamination, we take steps along the way while processing orders to ensure that should any of the virus be present in any way, that it is disinfected on surfaces such as bags prior to be being packed, prior to being vacuum sealed, prior to being packed in a parcel, and once more before leaving our facility on its way to the Post Office. The health and safety of our employees and our customers is of the strictest importance here, and we take this situation with COVID extremely seriously.
All surfaces are sprayed and wiped with a disinfectant every two hours, and all packages are sprayed and wiped before leaving our facility as well as along the way while being packaged and sealed.
The answer to this varies depending on your personal life situation, however the best recommendation from health officials is to stay home and limit your contact with the outside world. Wash your hands frequently and isolate yourself from others in your home should you feel any symptoms. Avoid going outside except for necessities such as food, medicine or work.
Generally speaking no. You can take extra precautionary steps once you’ve received your order such as opening the yellow parcel with gloves after using a disinfectant to wipe it down, and repeating this process which each layer of packaging such as the vacuum seal and the baggies themselves. This would only need to be done once until you are satisfied that you’ve personally cleaned all touchable surfaces of your order, however this is unnecessary in our opinion if you are purchasing from us, as we replicate this process with all parcels here before they leave. This being said, extra precautions have never hurt anyone
Probably not. Always consult your local health authorities and follow their recommendations over those that you read ANYWHERE on the internet. We believe the information we’ve supplied to be correct and accurate, however this advice should not be considered legal medical advice by any means. As we mentioned you should ALWAYS trust your local health authorities over your “woke” friends on Facebook. Be smart, stay safe.
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